HTPC Extender

May 4, 2011 at 9:18 AM

I just started encoding my backed up DVDs on my HTPC to smooth and setup WordPress with this plug-in and its COOL! Though I didn't design my HTPC to encode, I'm debating on building a media server, to do the encoding and hosting of wordpress, as well as to build a WP7 app based on the related project, though that is neither here nor there. This plug-in has really got me thinking about it and there are few feature I am going to try to code in and they are the following:


  • Create player that exposes params to toggle the player buttons (including caption selection, as I've encoded my smooth with selectable subtitles)
  • Have player store last known player position and video in cookies and db, so that if a user is logged in, he/she can pickup where they left off across devices in between plays (this needs a lil' more thought)

I'm excited! :)